Frequently asked

Security is a vital part of every business and shouldn’t be overlooked. You never know when something can go wrong or a dangerous person could walk in and threaten the safety of everyone. Security also helps with loss prevention and other similar issues. Security can also help raise the morale of the employees which in turn can raise productivity, helping you make more money.
Absolutely! All of our guards have undergone extensive training and backgrounds. First Guardian Security only hires the best guards so that you can always get the best service.
All of our guards have over 40 hours of training. They’re all licensed to operate in the state of California. Some of our guards have additional training based on their specialty such as firearm training for our armed guards. Each of our guards is trained to carry our commitment to quality work and customer service so that you can get the best security on the market.
Security is a complex field and it’s perfectly possible that you won’t know the type of security that your business needs. That’s okay because our team of experts can help you in choosing the type and amount of security that’s necessary for your business.
Security is a lot like insurance. You hope that you never have to use it but when a situation arises and you need them there you’ll be happy they’re around. Security is about prevention first and intervention second. Just because nothing has happened yet does not mean nothing bad will happen in the future.
It depends on the type of business you have, the risk your business is under, and your location. These are all factors we consider when making recommendations to our clients about their security needs. Often unarmed guards are enough but sometimes that’s just not the case. An unarmed guard is better than no guard.
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